We weave together different streams of information – financial and scientific – into the form of a bi-annual journal. The publication team works hand-in-hand with R&D to design  investment theses, company reviews, and case studies. Through the content we synthesize, ImpactMed informs impact investors of promising opportunities within neuro-health.

Partnership Development

We explore and develop partnerships between ImpactMed and organizations spanning academia, non-profit and industry sectors. Partnerships can take on a variety of forms including mentorship and education projects to grow a mission-aligned community, learn from each other and promote impact investment in neuro-health.

Venture Curriculum

We are excited to be developing a student-initiated course about ImpactMed’s main focus: impact investing in neuro-health. The class will be advised by a faculty member but run mainly by the Venture Curriculum team. The class will focus on teaching students about the financial details of impact investing through lectures, hands-on work, and a final project. The Venture Curriculum team will be researching and compiling information for class content and developing a unique and engaging curriculum.

The team looks forward to working on a project that dissipates ImpactMed’s findings and curriculum to the greater scientific community and public. This will be done through open media channels with a focus on getting at the key tenets of impact Investing in Neuroscience.  

Research and Development

The R&D team is building an analysis tool that will help impact investors understand how investments translate into impact in the neuro health space. Our research focuses on uncovering the relationships between asset allocation and impact in neuro health. Ultimately, the results of our research will be employed to develop a data-driven approach to direct allocation of capital for addressing specific needs with a focus on impact.

Marketing and Outreach

We are committed to expanding ImpactMed’s presence both on and off campus. As a growing organization, ImpactMed requires passionate and diligent students to join our cause. We strive to foster relationships with our peers in fellow student groups with similar aspirations through workshops, panels, and mixers. Working with our Designer, we hope to craft a crisp image which paves the way for our future.