Sunny Kumar

Sunny is a medical and MBA student at Stanford, who is exploring the intersection between clinical practice, health systems administration, and entrepreneurship. At the medical school, he concentrated in informatics and data-driven medicine, has conducted translational neurosurgical research with the Palmer lab, and has tackled health disparities with the Leadership in Health Disparities Program. At the Graduate School of Business, he is an investor with the GSB Impact Fund, empowering high-impact startups in the healthcare industry.

Prior to graduate school, Sunny received a B.S. in molecular biology from Yale University, where he studied fundamental neural stem cell mechanics and investigated treatment failure in hookworm infection. Sunny also founded his own start-up, The Closer Grocer, providing healthy food and produce to the greater New Haven community.

In his free time, Sunny enjoys hiking, traveling, motorcycling, cooking, and coaching high school debate.