Shannon Xue

Shannon is a masters student at the Stanford School of Medicine and a fellow at Genentech, passionate about building solutions for inefficiencies rooted in the health-tech industry. In the years prior to joining the ImpactMed team, Shannon dedicated her time to furthering initiatives at the intersection of health and business – from founding and directing SHIFT, to working with The Brookings Institution, PATH, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Shannon received a BA in Economics from Stanford University, where she researched high-stake health policy issues including the implications of Medicaid expansion, drug market-withdrawals, geographic variation in healthcare spending, and novelty and research productivity in the biomedical sciences. Shannon’s work has been presented at conferences including the 2016 SIEPR Policy Forum on Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys “violining,”  perusing Spotify for good music, and exploring local bookstores and cafes.