Marc Carmichael

Marc is a medical student and postdoctoral scholar at Stanford. His overarching interest is in regenerative medicine, particularly in developing the tools to exploit the therapeutic potential of iPSC-derived cells to replace neurons lost following a traumatic CNS injury or neurodegenerative disease. Marc’s postdoctoral research is focused on investigating how the interaction of genes of interest and inflammation affects synaptic connectivity, and ultimately the integration of endogenous and transplanted neurons into functional networks within the CNS. Before coming to Stanford, Marc worked as both a Chemical and Process Engineer in the R&D divisions at Centocor and Merck & Co. with a focus on process development, tech transfer, and new technology development in the production of biopharmaceuticals from mammalian cells and fermentation processes. In addition to his academic and industry pursuits, Marc remains involved in various teaching, mentoring, and service activities within the Stanford and local communities.