Arya Mirpour

Arya Mirpour is an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry/Molecular-Cell Biology B.A and Computer Science B.A. He has interned with several biotech companies at QB3, where he has helped startups market successful therapeutics and medical products. He has assisted medical labs at UCSF, where he has worked along sides patients and doctors. In addition, Arya has worked with several departments at Stanford University, where he provided computational analysis for social science researchers in the departments of Political Science, Psychology, and School of Education.


His current interests involves implementing applications involving the intersection between biological sciences and engineering in modern research and development. His future plans include pursuing to medical school while studying bioinformatics and health policies. His long-term goal is to be able to provide significant changes to the healthcare industry and discover medical breakthroughs.


When he is not studying or working, he is either binge watching on Netflix, lifting weights, or going on an adventure out in the world.